Which Vanilla Origin Choose?

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Which Vanilla Origin Choose - Madagascar, Taiti

Which Vanilla Origin Choose?

How to choose your vanilla?

The Comptoir de Toamasina and its creator Arnaud Sion tell you everything about how to choose and which vanilla origin to choose.

It’s at the Comptoir de Toamasina and at Abaçai (Brazilian Comptoir du Comptoir de Toamasina) that you will find quality vanilla beans at the best price.

In what form to buy vanilla?

Vanilla pod

This is the most noble form, the most raw form of the vanilla bean . She is the least manipulated and transformed. Each pod will release an incredible flavor that place is clean. Its olfactory complexity and taste will depend on the terroir of it. It is with this little princess that the adventure of the Comptoir de Toamasina began .

Vanilla extract (liquid vanilla)

This is the second form that we meet the most. Red-type vanilla pods will be put in a hydroalcoholic solution for maceration.

Each vanilla extract has its own flavor, if it comes from a vanilla pod Tahitensis , it will have floral notes and sweet vanilla.

But attention vanilla extract may be chemical if we use the term aroma, it will be made from synthetic vanillin produced from guaiacol, eugenol …. It’s to flee.

Also, Comptoir de Toamasina also offers you the recipe how to make homemade vanilla extract .

Vanilla powder


Vanilla powder is the third form of declination of the vanilla pod . This is the least noble form for us.

Vanilla powder is exhausted vanilla pods that will be reduced to powder or red vanilla.

It’s ideal for making a vanilla sugar.

For this, you can keep your vanilla pod that you just used, dry it and dive into your sugar.

Do not hesitate to read our article to replace the vanilla pod .


All about vanillin vanilla flavor


We can not talk about vanilla without mentioning its vanillin content . This can have a maximum of 3%.

Between 2.5% and 3% you get a frosted vanilla pod .

The vast majority of vanillas have a vanillin level of less than 2.4%.

But beware in the industry, vanillin is a synthetic product. It is an artificial flavor that is obtained through an industrial process. We will synthesize it especially via clove.


How to buy vanilla? – What origin of vanilla pods to choose


It’s vanilla bean that this little princess will be the most noble with the best flavors and especially the most natural.

But you can buy it as an extract, if you do not have time for a recipe. Do not hesitate to watch our video on How to store your vanilla pods .

Which variety of vanilla pods to choose? – Which origin of vanilla pods to choose

Which Vanilla Origin Choose - Madagascar, Taiti

Which Vanilla Origin To Choose


Here is the answer to your question: Which origin of vanilla pods to choose , Arnaud Sion , vanilla expert reveals his princesses.

Bourbon vanilla pods

It is the queen of vanilla for gourmets. Bourbon vanilla is firstly an AOC, which includes Madagascar, the island of Reunion, the Comoros, Mauritius and its neighboring islands of the Indian Ocean.

This vanilla bean has cocoa notes and intense vanilla notes .

Its Vanilla Planifolia variety

Tahitian vanilla

And it’s like for vintage wines, it would have a vanilla pod of excellence. It can be said that Tahitian vanilla would be the empress of vanilla.

The Tahiti pod is a hybrid vanilla, a cross between pompona vanilla and planifolia .

It is a vanilla bean that will ripen on its feet before picking and drying again in a traditional way.

The vanilla pods of Tahiti are very beautiful, large and fleshy. It is a pod that weighs up to 15g. Only the vanilla of Cerrado in Brazil can shade it.

It offers notes of anise and prune and a very floral flavor.

The vanilla of Cerrado

The vanilla pod from Cerrado in Brazil is the latest vanilla on the market . An exclusive discovery of the Comptoir de Toamasina, the Comptoir d’origine d’Abaçai.

Abaçai is the Brazilian brand of Comptoir de Toamasina.

This vanilla is very large and has a floral and slightly acidic flavor, specific to Brazilian soil.

Vanilla pod from Papua New Guinea

Bourbon vanilla beans

Bourbon vanilla pods

Here is the rising star of vanilla beans .

Papuan New Guinea vanilla is a Tahitensis vanilla bean that will be scalded. It is a vanilla that still has a marginal production but it begins to grow slowly.

It offers a wild spicy side and floral notes.

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